Idyllic Process

Based on their over 15 years of experience in the lead acid battery industry, technicians at FULLRIVER have become highly capable of designing and manufacturing customer-oriented batteries. After numerous experiments, FULLRIVER engineers have invented proprietary grid alloy formula and lead plaster formula. Combined with the advanced plate curing techniques, these formulae ensure FULLRIVER batteries to have better performance than most of their peer products in the market. 

Sealed de-ionized water producing system automatically monitors and controls water output. Ions are constantly regenerated to keep the water electric resistance above 500 kilo ohms, ensuring very low level of self discharge rate inside batteries. FULLRIVER has created a unique electrolyte formula formulated by adding special sub-colloids to pure concentrated sulfuric acid. This special electrolyte, used in our HL and HGXL series, results in higher reliability and longer life of our products. 

Advanced tank formation technique, or cell formation technique, is adopted for different types of batteries. The whole charge and discharge processes are controlled by computers and can be easily reprogrammed. Formation temperature is strictly controlled to make service life of batteries longer. Advanced ventilation and acid fog removing facilities are installed to eliminate hazardous gases, preventing damage to environment and the health of employees. 

FULLRIVER operates five assembly lines at the moment, three of which are for small capacity batteries (0.2AH~22AH) with a daily production throughput of 30,000pcs; Another one is for medium capacity batteries (24AH~260AH) with a daily production throughput of 1,500pcs; The last one is for 2V stationary (2V50AH~2V3000AH) with a daily production throughput of 500pcs. FULLRIVER is fully ready to double the assembly capacity upon the request of customers. 

Good product quality is the cornerstone of the foundation of FULLRIVER . Ever since the founding, leaders of the company have been paying great attention to product quality. FULLRIVER has adopted TQM (Total Quality Management) system throughout the company. Currently, there are 26 full-time quality assurance engineers monitoring and controlling the whole production process. All of the products are 100% sampled for final quality inspection.