Eaton 1.5KVA UPS



He Eaton 9130 1500VA Tower UPS system with an integral battery (up to 5minutes with a typical load) provides on-line double-conversion power protection with automatic bypass and power factor correction. The UPS has a 0.9 power factor output to provide more real power than traditional on-line UPS for modern IT equipment loads. The UPS can provide up to 98% efficiency in ECO mode.

Typical applications: IT and network environments, servers, networking gear, telecoms, VOIP, security systems, medical systems, diagnostics and medical screening, patient record archives, manufacturing systems, chip fabrication, pharmaceutical production and chemical processing.

Eaton 9130 1.5kVA Uninterruptible Power Supplies

Power Protection: sags, surges, brownouts, lightning strikes, storms and mains power failures.
Output Sockets: 6 IEC sockets.
Battery Management: Eaton Advanced Battery Management (ABM) technology usessupplied a three-stage charging technique to extend battery life by 50%, hot-swappable batteries, and periodic battery testing.
Maintenance Bypass: optional hot-swappable bypass.
Remote Communications: RS232 and USB port with an expansion slot for an optional communications card (SNMP, Card). supplied with the the Eaton Software Suite CD, including SNMP-compatible power management software.


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