200ah -12v Fullriver Battery



Weight(Kg) 59.80 Kg
Dimensions(mm) 522×242×218×222 mm
Voltage 12-Volt
Capacity @ 1hr Rate 120.0 AH
Capacity @ 3hr Rate 150.0 AH
Capacity @ 5hr Rate 170.0 AH
Capacity @ 10hr Rate 186.0 AH
Capacity @ 20hr Rate 200.0 AH
Grid alloy Calcium / Tin lead alloy
Plates Flat Pasted
Separator Absorbant Glass Mat
Active material Very high purity lead
Case Type ABS Plastic –
Flame Res. Rating UL94-HB
Terminal Type M8
Terminal Torque 62~80 In-lbs
Maximum Charge Current (A) 20% of C20
Internal Resistance(mΩ) 2.70 mΩ
Cyclic Charge voltage 2.40-2.45VPC (20-25°C)
Float Charge voltage  2.25-2.30VPC (20-25°C)


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